Nurses Notes

  •    Parents of 6th graders, please turn in any current or updated immunizations to Nurse Shaffer. This will ensure that your students have the updated immunizations (TDAP and Meningicoccal vaccine) they need to go to th grade.They will not be allowed to start 7th grade without them.        

    • If you have changed your home, cell, or work number please update those as soon as possible. You may leave a message on my phone and I will update it for you in my office as well as the front office.
    • Remember that children may not carry in their own medications. Parents will need to come in and sign a medication form. Any medications that need to be given for more than 5 days requires a form filled out by a physician.
    • Cough drops may be brought in with a note from the parent. The cough drops will be left in the nurses office and the student may come and get them as needed.


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