Mission & Vision


    Schlather Mission

    Elaine S. Schlather Intermediate provides students with a safe environment and a challenging education that inspires their individual potential to become productive citizens. 



    Schlather Vision

    The Schlather community will be a high-achieving exemplary campus which establishes a collaborative culture of personal excellence to develop independent self-thinkers through the use of modern technology.


    Schlather Value Statements


    V1. We commit to developing and maintaining relational trust by supporting positive relationships with staff, students, and parents.
    V2. We will recognize and celebrate ALL success and growth.
    V3. We will inspire everyone to become life-long learners by modeling that behavior.
    V4. We will cultivate an environment of integrity and accountability.
    V5. We will provide a challenging student-led learning environment in which everyone can learn.
    V6. We will expect excellence from ourselves and others.