Rules & Expectations

  • Mr. Marbach's
    Classroom Rules & Expectations


    There are three guidelines all students are expected to follow:

    1. Be respectful of yourself, others, and school property.
    2. Be responsible: willingly participate in your own learning.
    3. Be safe.

    Remember this one simple key:
    Don't do anything that might cause a problem for yourself or someone else!


    1) Respect
    2) Responsibility
    3) Safety

    Class Rules:
    1) Be on time, on-task. Be prepared to work hard and learn EVERYDAY.
    2) Put away all personal electronics.
    3) Be responsible for your own learning.
    4) Respect the teacher, classroom, and other students.
    5) Trash goes in the trashcan! #NOTYOURMAID

    Discipline Plan / Consequences:
    Students who do not comply with the established guidelines will lose class or school privileges, receive a planner signature for parent review or a phone call home to discuss the inappropriate behavior.

    1st Offense = Non-verbal redirect

    2nd Offense = Verbal redirect and checkbook deduction

    3rd Offense = Red planner Signature

    * If behavior continues, parent contact will be made and/or office referral.

    In the event a student's behavior is overly disruptive or places anyone (including themselves ) in danger, the student will be sent directly to our administrators for further discipline.

    **Consequences given are at the discretion of the teacher.  Severe offenses will be given appropriate and immediate consequences.

    No one will have a "personal" desk in classrooms. All desks are shared, so please do not put personal items inside the desks at any time. Desks will be checked at the end of each class for personal itmes and if found, they will be disposed of.