Corrections in Mrs. Schuld's class

  • Corrections are encouraged as we all learn from our mistakes. 
     In the Thursday Times Folder, if you see any TESTS or QUIZZES with a grade less than 70%, corrections can be made. For each class, the directions on how to make corrections are different, so be sure to check with that teacher to see how they want those corrections done. We do not allow corrections on daily work.
     In LA, for each question marked incorrect, using a sheet of notebook paper, the student will copy the question/problem then, write out the correct answer (not just the letter choice).  Studies have shown that students who correct their work in this manner will retain this information better.  Please staple the corrections to the original paper and turn in. Corrections will be reflected on Gradespeed within 48 hours.
    Any questions about this, please feel free to contact me.