Dress Code for Intermediate Campuses

  • Grooming 
    The purpose of established grooming rules is to maintain a standard of decency to which all students must 
    abide. It also permits students to be comfortable, fashionable, and individual in their dress and appearance. If 
    a student is not dressed appropriately parents may be contacted to bring a change of clothes. 
    1. Students must wear appropriate shoes on PE days. Shoes with wheels are not allowed at any time. 
    2. Clothing advertising tobacco, liquor, sex and/or drugs, weapons/violence, muscle shirts, items of clothing 
    considered to be undergarments, and see-through garments may not be worn as outer garments. 
    3. Bare midriffs or other revealing clothing may not be worn. 
    4. All types of hats, forehead bands, bandannas, etc., are not acceptable at school. 
    5. Any extremely tight, unclean, torn, tattered or revealing clothing is not acceptable. 
    6. Hair must be clean and well groomed. Hair cannot be dyed or colored an unnatural color. 
    7. Faces must be clean-shaven. Mustaches must be kept neatly trimmed. 
    8. Sunglasses or other non-prescription glasses are not to be worn to school unless prescribed by a doctor. 
    9. Students are allowed to wear skirts and/or shorts of decent fit and length that do not distract in any way 
    from the educational environment of the classroom. (Finger-tip length is a recommended guideline.) Wind 
    shorts, boxer shorts, or biker shorts, pajama pants are not appropriate for school wear and will not be 
    acceptable attire. 
    10. Sagging, the practice of wearing extremely loose or baggy pants below the waist will not be tolerated. A 
    student will receive one (1) warning to correct the problem before disciplinary action is taken. 
    11. No body piercing may be ornamented with rings, studs, etc., except for those located on the ear(s). No 
    more than three (3) per year. 
    12. Leggings are not allowed without an appropriate length outer garment (fingertip length is a recommended 
    13. Strapless tops or “tube tops” are not permitted. 
    It is recommended that parents mark all items of clothing with the student’s name for identification. 
    Any clothing deemed inappropriate and not conducive to learning by the school administration may result in 
    disciplinary action.