Classroom Expectations

  • Late Work Policy & Corrections

    Late work will be accepted for up to five days after the due date with a deduction of 10 points per day.  Test only corrections for my class need to be done on a seperate sheet of notebook paper.  The question missed needs to be rewritten with the correct answer.  

    All grades will be noted in Gradespeed.

    Assignments are due at the beginning of each period, anything after that will be considered late.


    Rules, Expectations & Strategies for Success

    The 5 R's:



    Listen and obey teachers and other school personnel

    Respect adult authority.

    Understand and respect other people’s rights and properties.

    Maintain orderly behavior.


    Complete class and homework assignments.

    Follows through with duties, jobs, etc.Be on time.

    Follow safety rules at all times.

    Able to admit it when makes wrong choices.

    Should do acts of kindness regularly.


    Have a CAN DO attitude.

    Try hard and persevere.

    Try different ways of doing things.

    Show initiative.

    Creative problem solving.

    Finding, adapting, inventing ways of solving problems.


    Get along with others.

    Be courteous and well mannered.

    Be considerate, helpful and honest.

    Exhibit good sportsmanship.

    RESILIENCYHave the ability to bounce back.

    Have perseverance, they don't give up easily.

    Have positive attitudes.

    Can start fresh the next day.

    Always Be A STAR

    S= STOP

    You should stop and think before an action. You need to give yourself time to become aware of what you are doing. You should think about choosing an appropriate alternative. Examples are stopping before making a purchase, stopping before hitting another student, or stopping before talking out in class.

    T = THINK

    You should be aware of choices and think about your alternatives. You need to develop strategies for thinking. You can think about these questions: -  Is this the best choice? -  Is there any way to accomplish this? -  What effect will my choice have on my parents? -  What effect will my choice have on me? -  What are my choices?

    A = ACT

    You need to realize that you are responsible for your own actions. Your behavior is what you do or think. Behavior has a consequence. A consequence is a positive or negative result of an action or behavior.

    R = REVIEW

    You need to review your actions in order to evaluate your behavior. Evaluation is to examine, to judge, or to look at something in order to determine the effect or value of the behavior. Successful people always review their actions.