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    Here is looks at what will be going on in Science and Social Studies this week.

    Monday Oct 16 - Science: we will start with forces and have a frictions lab in class. Social Studies: we will be working on the colony of Jamestown. Students will be creating a brochure about why or why not colonists should move to Jamestown. 

    Tuesday Oct 17 - Science: we will take notes on gravity as a force. Social Studies: Continue Jamestown assignment

    Wednesday Oct 18 - Science: we will take notes on magnetic force. Social Studies: We will start learning about the colony of Plymouth.

    Thursday Oct 19 - Science: Students will design an experiment using materials given to them in class to test one of the three concepts of force. This will be a group project in class.

    Friday Oct 20 - Early Release Day (end of the 1st nine weeks) 

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    Tuesday Oct 17 - Watch D.O.G Kick off

    Friday Oct 20 - Marvel vs DC t-shirt day

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