• Appropriate/Acceptable Corrections: (discussed in class with all students)

    Homework will be placed in your child’s RED plastic folder. Students will be expected to complete homework within the timeframe.

    Weekly students should expect homework at least:

    2-3 assignments per week for Science

    1-2 assignments per week for Social Studies

    Per the district grading policy:

    Late work will be accept with a -10 point deductions for each day after the due day. (this include turning in assignments after collection during class period).

    1 day after = -10 points

    2 days after = -20 points

    3 days after = -30 points

    Corrections will be assigned due dates, students must have correction in on time for the credit. Follow the corrections checklist.

    Students will also be given the opportunity to correct daily assignments that are below a passing grade (below 70) for an average of the previous grade and the new grade.

    For common assessments and projects all grade below a 100 can be corrected for an average of the old and new grade.

    Example if a student received a 40 on a test and then corrected everything following the checklist and receive a 100. The average and new grade entered would be a 70.