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     Everyday is a great day for art!
    Welcome to the Schlather Art Studio homepage!
    I am Dru Wilson, Art Teacher.(You'll see Christina Wilson on your grades; that's my first name, I go by my middle name.)
    2020/2021 school year will be slightly different from previous years as we will have
    @School and @Home classes.
    Information about Art classes will be useful for either environment. Please take the time to view the pages of this website.
    Here are the Art codes for both grades by Specials Class Period.
    6th graders check your scheduals for what period you have Art
    PE first means you are B, PE second you are A (except 4th period when B means C because lunch is B!!)
    Students will need a sketchbook. This can be a composition book, notebook, sketchbook, drawing pad...
    Google Classroom codes
    Period   Code
    5th grade
    Sign in to join the class for your Specials Class Period.
    Parents will be invited to join as well in order to see assignments, the work turned-in, and the posted grades. I encourage parents to join so they can see everything their child is to do and has done.
    5th grade rotates to all Fine Arts- Art, Band, Choir, Orchestra
    Use this chart to find which of these you will start on Thursday.
    Look at the group that has the initial of the student's last name.
    Please keep your same code. It will stay the same for you but the teachers will change.
    2nd period - yhhhfvu
    3rd period - 6e7kp4v
    F- L
    2nd period - rabdikx
    3rd period - j67lov6
    2nd period - nkiifet
    3rd period - erkvyg3
    S-Z is now in Art
    2nd period - u7lahiz
    3rd period - 5i5wbyd
     September 8, 2020 begins the blended schedule of @Home and In School
    Zoom times change too since students will be in class with me most of the day.
    Zoom schedule September 8, 2020:
    Please use this link for any questions you have about assignments.
    There may be wait time, but I'll hurry to answer everyone.
    See the Stream page of your Google Classroom for the link.


     My Daily Schedule (updated  soon, when blended schedule is firm.)
    Learning Art is a hands-on process of exploring, experimenting, and practicing. Students will create artwork that will be turned in using Google Classroom.
    Students can use the media they have and those specified on the District Intermediate Supply List. Scissors would be great, and any other art media you choose on your own such as watercolor trays, markers, oil pastels... Some projects can be done digitally so you can use whatever app or site you like. Google does have a Google Draw that's
    Students are given opportunities to use the Elements of Art - line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space- and apply the Principles of Design - balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity - to create their own expressions of art. We experience a variety of media; and work with artist tools. 




    To develop a complete mind,
    study the science of art,
    study the art of science.
    Learn how to see.
    Realize that everything connects to everything else.
    -Leonardo daVinci
    Ancara Imparo
    (I am still learning)
    -Michelangelo Buonarroti at age 82