Stuff To Do... - Take on an Art Challenge...if...You Dare

  •  Here you'll find current Art Contests, virtual museum tours- they're really awesome- some with 360 degree viewing! There are also links for art games and some art project how-tos. Check them out- because Art is cool!


    To the best of my ability, I have checked out these links. I do not endorse, nor earn anything from these sites. I’m merely providing them for your enjoyment. As always, get permission to view and use proper electronic citizenship to be safe online.

    Fun Activities 

    Click this link for tons of fun Art stuff!



    If you're feeling like drawing and can't think of what to draw, here are some prompts:

    1. yourself
    2. your favorite animal
    3. a favorite food
    4. a place you enjoy
    5. best friends
    6. part of a favorite book
    7. scene from a movie you enjoy
    8. cartoon characters
    9. a tv show you watch
    10. your favorite treat
    11. a turning point in your life
    12. your most recent accomplishment
    13. a comic strip
    14. your part in a fairy tale
    15. family portrait
    16. an inspiration
    17. a real or imagined plant
    18. just a doodle
    19. something new
    20. something orange
    21. something you want
    22. something you miss
    23. something you need
    24. you as a super hero
    25. a landscape
    26. something you don't like
    27. anything
    28. just use geometric shapes
    29. a part of your future
    30. a "Congratulations" banner for you!

     If you're into photography, search the places you go- at home, out with your family or friends, outside- and search for these "hidden" shapes. No fair "creating" them yourself; You have to use what you FIND! 

    Hidden Shapes: Find hearts, smile faces, and letters.

    - heart in a cut kiwi        heart shamrock   

    smiley faces:

    plane front view looks like it is smiling      

    cut onion looks like a face  



     or letters hidden within objects around you!

    step railing looks like the letter P  

      trees look like the letter N