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    Mrs. Edwards will always be available at the following times should you need help with an assignment or google classroom:

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    You can reach via email credwards@scuc.txed.net or by phone or zoom. Both phone and zoom are upon request.



    Welcome to the Wilder Chaparral Band Website!

    The mission of the Wilder Intermediate Band is to help students become an active member of their communities, learn to work together with peers, and develop a life long love for music. I am excited to continue working with the Schertz community and their band students for 2019-2020 school year. This website is currently being updated and may have information from the previous school year. Please browse the following FAQ and email me if you have any questions about our new 5th Grade Introduction to Band course, which all 5th grade students will get to experience, or the 6th Grade Concert Band or Honor Band courses. 


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    5th Grade Fine Arts: Introduction to Band 

    9 Week Course

    1. Will I need to purchase any materials or instruments for my child?
      • Students will not need to purchase anything to be successful in this class.
    2. How is the course structured?
      • Students will attend band for a 5 week portion in the fall semester and learn concepts of musicianship as they apply to being in band. We will learn on Nuvo Pre Band Instruments as well as be introduced to the qualities of band instruments offered in beginning band.
      • In the spring semester, students will revisit band for 4 weeks. We will continue learning music fundamentals and begin the instrument selection process for all students interested in band. 
    3. Will there be an investment if my child decides to do band in 6th grade?
      • There will be an investment that depends on what instrument is chosen and whether you rent or buy. Students will also be required to have supplies for those instruments that will be necessary for learning and cleaning the instrument. There are many different options to consider when it comes to investing in items for band so it is best to ask me questions so that you can ensure that your investment is worth it. I am happy to help you navigate this!
      • There is also a time investment, and a student's success depends directly on the effort put in! Being a part of the band is a very fulfilling experience that leads to many wonderful and fun opportunities. As parents or guardians, I will need your help so that we can work together to ensure they get the most out of that experience.

     6th Grade Concert and Honor Band 

    Full Year Course 

    1. Will I need to purchase new materials or instruments for my child? Supply Lists
      • Returning Band Students will need to add two books to their supplies. Everything else is the same as last year. Supply sheets are linked above.
      • Students new to band will have to aquire an instrument and supplies according to what the child was fitted for. If your child signed up for band they were fitted on the last week of school and given information. Please reach out to me via email if you did not receive that information for any reason or you are moving into the district and would like to have your child fitted.
    2. My child is a returning band student, but I do not know their audition result.
      • Please contact me via email. Students auditioned through their end of year exams. All students in 6th Grade Band will perform with the concert band regardless of level. Students scoring high within their sections were asked to join honor band.
    3. I never received emails from Mrs. Edwards in the previous school year.
      • Email is my best way of communicating with you. I do send out all important information via papers home and will be utilizing Remind texts this upcoming year. I only send out emails to keep you updated on hand outs sent home and remiders of events. Please email me to get this resolved.


Mrs. Courtney Edwards

Phone: 2106194200


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor in Music Studies with an emphasis in instrumental teaching

Mrs. Courtney Edwards

Courtney Edwards is a native of San Antonio, TX. She developed a love for music at a young age, and was very excited to begin playing trombone in her 6th grade year. Those experiences in middle school band helped shape her character and ultimately made her want to teach band at the beginning level. Mrs. Edwards is excited to be able to do just that, and best of all, do it in the district that helped make her in to the musician she is today. 

Mrs. Edwards graduated from Texas State University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Education. She studied trombone with Dr. Martin McCain and performed with the Texas State Trombone Choir at events including The International Trombone Festival and The Big 12 Trombone Conference. She also performed with the Texas State Bobcat Marching Band, the Symphonic Winds as their principal trombonist, and the Jazz Lab Band.
This is Mrs. Edwards' fourth year to teach music in school and she could not be more excited to share her love of music with her students! She is looking forward to a great a year.