Classroom News

  • As Student Support Teacher, I thoroughly enjoy giving extra help to children as well as staff members, all in the name of helping kids learn.  For 2 periods during the day, I assist in teaching math at a level more conducive to what certain students are able to be taught.   I strive to reach them and teach them the valuable math skills they will need to move on to the next grade, as well as use in life.  In another period of the day, I teach language arts with a general education teacher- also working with students who need extra help and possibly at a reduced complexity level- but also working with all other students in the classroom as well.  

    I have been teaching for 24 years-- all but one of those years as a Special Education Teacher.  The vast majority of those years have been at the 5th and 6th grade level.  I have taught mainly the subjects of math and language arts, with the most recent concentration being in the area of math.  I love numbers, number sense, and teaching kids to appreciate the "big, wide, world of numbers -and other math concepts".