Tardy Policy

  • Tardy Notice


    Date: _________________________


    Dear Parent/Guardian of: ___________________________________________,


    This letter serves as official notification that we are concerned about your child’s tardy status this nine week period.  As of this nine week grading period, your child has ___________ tardies on record.  Please be reminded that school begins at 7:45 a.m. each morning.  Students are tardy if they are not in the classrooms at this time with no exceptions.  We have staff on duty at 7:00 a.m. at your convenience, and most of the buses are here by 7:20 a.m.  The back parking lot for drop off in the morning is open for both grades as well.


    Please be advised of the consequences for being tardy during a nine week period:


                            1st Tardy – Verbal Warning from teacher

                            2nd Tardy – Planner signature

                            3rd Tardy – Letter home, meet with Assisstant Principal, Parent Contact

                            4th Tardy – 1 day of lunch detention in the cafe

                            5th Tardy – 2 days of lunch detention in the cafe, letter home, meet with Assistant Principal, parent contact

                            6th Tardy –  1 day in detention room during lunch

                            Additional tardies - Assssistant Principal will contact parent to set up a parent conference.


    Thank you for addressing this concern and assisting your child in reporting to school on time and prepared each day.   By doing so, he/she will experience a smooth start to the school day thus leading to academic success.


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s attendance or tardy record, please feel free to contact Susan Chapman, Attendance Clerk, at (210) 619-4203 at your convenience.



    Sarah M Dauphinais,