Studio Expectatioins

  • How to be Successful in Art Class!
    Strategies for Success OR
    How to have fun (and learn) in Art!
    In the art room those rules are:
    Respect yourself, others and materials:
             No waste.
             Treat all people correctly.
             Show a positive attitude.
    Responsibility- Take care of your art business:
              Work quietly.
              Complete assignments.
              Do you best.
    Safety for yourself and all others:     
              Use tools/supplies correctly.
              Talk softly to those at your table.
               Clean your table/floor area.
    Since Art is a visual activity, those rules would "look" like this:
     If students need help with staying focused and helping the classroom succeed in its daily goals the following formula will be used to help.


    Uh-Ohs in Specials will mean:


    If you cause or are part of a problem, I will:

    1st - give you a signal as a warning. When you see this signal, stop and think about the choice you have made.

    2nd - give you some private work time to continue your assignment away from your group to reflect on your actions and show that you CAN be successful. This step may include a planner signature.

    3rd make a phone call home, or send an "Oops" note with you that must be signed by parent/guardian and returned to me the next day, and possibly write an office referral.

    4th  complete an office referral. You will also complete alternate assignments until ready and able to present appropriate classroom behavior.