Recyclable Request

  • Recyclables Requests

    UPCYCLING! a current art movement using recyclables
    Though we have a wonderful budget for supplies, there are many items we can turn into art that you may be throwing away! Please check this list for some ideas. You can send in items with your child as you are finished with them. Thank you SO much for your support!
    *flattened cereal boxes ( and other dry food boxes no smaller than a snack cracker box such as Ritz. Poptart boxes are too small.)
    *old calendars pictures- landscapes, animals, themes, etc.
    *egg cartons- any quantity size
    *road maps
      wallpaper sample books       sequins, beads, buttons         colored tape      
      craft kit leftovers                  men's ties                                plastic wrap
      used greeting cards              stamps and pads                     aluminum foil
      wrapping paper                     hole punches, shapes             pom  poms
      giftbows                                stickers                                   feathers
     variety of papers                   lace, trims, and ribbon                                
     variety of cords & strings     silk flowers & greens                                              
     game pieces & boards           empty thread spools      
     clean Styrofoam trays           crepe paper/streamers        
     appropriate magazines & catalogs (please check content first! ads and articles)
    If you have any of these items stealing space in your home, turn them in to the Art Room for positive rehabilitation!


    Also, be on the look-out for ANYTHING that could be used to CREATE!
    You just never know what we can make of "junk!" Thanks for helping rid your house of space-stealing clutter!
    Your support is VERY appreciated!