No Work No Credit

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Grading Policy



    Wilder 6th Grade Math Grading Policy


    Homework help will be available between 7:15-7:35AM Tuesday through Friday.

    Please click on the link for further information regarding K-6 Grading Guidelines. /files/filesystem/SCUC%20K-6%20Grading%20Guidelines%20.pdf


    Please turn in assignments by the date due. Late assignments will be accepted within 5 school days, not to exceed the end of the grading period. A maximum of 10 points per class day will be deducted from the grade earned with a maximum of 30 points deducted.

    Students enrolled in 6th grade Math and PreAP Math will be offered the opportunity to correct formative (daily assignments) that scored below 70 for a new average of the two grades. Graded work will be returned on Monday's and corrections will be due that Friday. All graded work is to be kept in the Math folder until the end of each 9 weeks.

    PreAp and Regular Math students will also be provided the opportunity to redo a summative assignment (Test or Project) if the student received a failing grade. The average of the two grades will be earned. If the student fails the redo, the higher grade will be recorded.