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    Tennis Information


    2023-2024 Tennis Season: All students trying out for the tennis class or tennis team this upcoming year will need a physical on file. Tennis tryouts for this year's tennis class will be held at Dobie middle school the first week in August 2023. You can not try out if you don't have a physical on file or on hand that first day. We will have tryouts that first week starting Wednesday August 16, so be ready. I will feed the players 10 tennis balls each and judge them on footwork, grip, swing, and the amount of balls they get in the court. We will attempt to get all the kids to try out (weather permitting) during the class. If not, then after-school tryouts may be needed. All players who make the tennis class are expected to tryout for the tennis team in late February. 


    Tennis team season is from March till the end of April. This is separate from the tennis class.Tryouts for the tennis team for those in the class will occur in the class. Tryouts for those not in the class will occur after school at the Dobie tennis courts at the end of February. Announcments will be made for this at the school mid February and also posted on the main Dobie website. All those that tryout need to have a physical on file.


    For those 8th graders going to Steele high school next year for the 2023-2024 school year as 9th graders, please contact me about tryouts next year for the high school. We start July 31, 2023 and another physical must be completed as well before you try out. This is an every year thing. 

    Summer tennis camp will be from May30(Tuesday)-June 1(Thursday) from 5pm-7pm at the Steele high school tennis courts for incoming 4th -incoming 9th graders.



    Coaches email:


    If you have any questions regarding the tennis class at Dobie please contact

     Interested in playing tennis?

    Any student interested in participating must have a physical on file with the Dobie coaches.  If you do not have a physical, please email me so I can email it to you and take it to a doctor for them to complete.  Once your physical is complete, please hand deliver your physical to a Dobie Coach.

    Students that are interested in tennis do NOT have to be in an athletics class to participate.