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    Tennis Information


    2018-2019 Tennis Season: All students trying out for tennis this upcoming year will need a physical on file. Tennis tryouts for this year's class will be held at Steele Highschool and the dates will be given on the first day of school. The class will meet at Steele Highschool after tryouts, and the students will be bussed back down to Dobie before the start of second period. 

    Remind 101 information will be given on day one. 


    If you have any questions regarding the tennis class at Dobie please contact

    Where do parents pick-up/drop-off their child?

    Parents, please pick-up/drop-off your child at the parking lot by the football field. 

     Interested in playing tennis?

    Any student interested in participating must have a physical on file with the Dobie coaches.  If you do not have a physical, please print out the SCUCISD Athletic Packet found below and take to a doctor for them to complete.  Once your physical is complete, please hand deliver your physical to a Dobie Coach.

    Students that are interested in tennis do NOT have to be in an athletics class to participate.


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