Dobie Band Title

Phone: 210-619-4115


Degrees and Certifications:

BMEd - University of Southern Mississippi MM - Texas State University Certification - Music All Level

Mr. William Daniel

Originally from Mississippi, I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1998 with a degree in Music Education.  I then moved to Texas to begin my teaching career.  I earned my Master's Degree in Music from Texas State University.  I have completed 22 years of teaching.  This will be my 20th year in SCUC and my 14th year at Dobie JH.  My primary instrument is the trombone and I also enjoy playing guitar.

Phone: 210-619-4115


Degrees and Certifications:

BMed - Texas Tech University Certified Music EC-12

Mr. Russell Barbee

I'm a military child who's spent most of my time in Texas.  I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Music Education degree.  This is my 11th year teaching band and my 6th year at Dobie.  I have played the saxophone for 23 years starting at Randolph HS in 6th grade.  I perform regularly with the Heart of Texas Concert Band a local wind ensemble out of San Antonio College, The Heart of Texas Jazz Ambassadors, and the HoT Sax Ensemble.  

  • Zoom Meeting Schedule - Zoom meeting links are in Google Classroom


    Office Hours Zoom - 9:03-10:48 (for questions and individual help only)

    Remote students are expected to participate in class through Zoom during regular class time.  If unable to Zoom live, then participate with the recorded Zoom session later that same day.

    3rd Period Beginner Band - 9:56-10:44

    4th Period Concert Band - 10:49-11:37

    5th Period Wind Ensemble - 11:42-12:30

    6th Period Symphonic Band - 1:05-1:53

    7th Period Intermediate Band - 2:33-3:20

    Remote Learning Information 2020-2021


    Below is information that you need to get the year started.  Please read everything, and go ahead and follow through with completing these tasks.  Don’t procrastinate!

    All students will need the book, “Foundations for Superior Band Performance.”  If you do not already own a copy of this book, please purchase a copy for the instrument that your child plays.  Below are Amazon links for your convenience.  The price should be $6.95 except for percussion which is $9.95.  If the price is higher, you can go to Music & Arts at the Forum or use another vendor of your choice.  STUDENTS IN BEGINNER BAND SHOULD NOT ORDER A BOOK BECAUSE WE HAVEN’T PICKED YOUR INSTRUMENT YET. 

                    Flute – Foundations for Flute

                    Oboe – Foundations for Oboe

                    Bassoon – Foundations for Bassoon

                    Clarinet – Foundations for Clarinet

                    Bass Clarinet – Foundations for Bass Clarinet

                    Alto Sax – Foundations for Alto Saxophone

                    Tenor Sax – Foundations for Tenor Saxophone

                    Bari Sax – Foundations for Baritone Saxophone

                    Trumpet – Foundations for Trumpet

                    French Horn – Foundations for French Horn

                    Trombone – Foundations for Trombone

                    Euphonium (Baritone) – Foundations for Euphonium B.C.

                    Tuba – Foundations for Tuba

                    Percussion – Foundations for Percussion

    All band students will need a Dobie Band T-Shirt.  It is the same as last year’s, so if you have one that still fits and looks nice, then you don’t need to purchase another one.  If you are new to Dobie, then please click on this My School Bucks link and purchase your band t-shirt.

    If you will be playing a school-owned instrument (bass clarinet, tenor sax, bari sax, French horn, euphonium or tuba), I will be invoicing you the fee on My School Bucks.  There is not a link for you to click on.

    Every student needs to have a Cut Time account.  This is a web-based management system that our district uses for our fine arts programs.  It’s also our primary method for mass communication.  If your child does not already have a Cut Time account, please use this Cut Time link to self-register.  Parents should not create a separate account.  Instead create a parent relationship in your child’s account.

    We will be using Google Classroom to get the year started.  Below are the class codes.  Please go ahead and enroll in the appropriate band class.  Go to Google Classroom.  Click on the plus sign to join a class, and copy and paste the correct class code.

                    Wind Ensemble (Advanced Band) - m5e46i2

                    Symphonic Band - lf2cplk

                    Concert Band - bkvsix4

                    Intermediate Band – pzedwfn

                    Beginner Band - k7czvrv

    The Dobie Band utilizes “SmartMusic” practice software.  Many of our playing assignments will be done through SmartMusic.  This cloud based software only works on laptop/desktop computers or medium and larger tablet devices. The web-based software is not compatible with phones.  It also works best with the google chrome browser.  If you are planning on using your phone for the majority of your SCUC@Home curriculum you will need to prepare appropriately for this tool.  If you’re using an iPad or similar device please download the SmartMusic app (orange color).  Every student in the Dobie band has been provided with a basic student account.  Accounts have access to thousands of pieces of music and various skill building routines. Please feel free to explore this software and contact Mr. Barbee if you require assistance regarding the SmartMusic platform. 

                    To log in to SmartMusic:

    On a computer: bookmark this link or if you’re on an tablet search for SmartMusic in the App Store (orange colored)

    Your username and password are the same log in that you would use for any district computer and your SCUC google account

    USERNAME: Last Name (up to 13 characters) followed by 1st two letters of your First name followed by the last three numbers of your student ID

    PASSWORD: 1st two letters of your First name followed by your whole student ID number (including the 1st zero for six characters total)

    John Smith 012345

    EXAMPLE USERNAME: smithjo345

    EXAMPLE PASSWORD: jo012345


  • SCUCISD Online Payments

    Dobie and SCUCISD have moved to an online payment system through  Band books, T-shirts, instrument maintenance fees, and formal clothing can be purchased through this system.  


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  • 1st Travel 8:10 - 8:58

    2nd Conference 9:03 - 9:51

    3rd Beginner Band 9:56 - 10:44

    4th Concert Band 10:49 - 11:37

    5th Wind Ensemble 11:42 - 12:30

    6th Symphonic Band 1:05 - 1:53

    Cougar Time 1:58 - 2:28

    7th Intermediate Band 2:33 - 3:20


    Band Hall Hours:  7:45 - 4:30

    ONLY BAND STUDENTS are allowed in

    the Band Hall both before and after

    school to drop-off/pick up

    their instruments or practice.

  • If you're not recieving group emails from the Dobie Band

    Please take a moment and self register in CutTime

    You can also contact a Band Director for Assistance

    Create My CutTime Profile

    Please be sure to link any parent profiles with your student.