Classroom Rules



    1.  You will abide by all conduct and dress code rules as outlined in the
         student/teacher handbook.  
    2.  You will be responsible for materials checked out to you and will pay for
        the replacement or repair of any damaged materials.
    3.  You will treat each other and members of the staff with respect at all
    4.  You will raise your hand when asking or answering questions.
    5.  You will receive permission from the teacher before leaving your seat.
    6.  You are here to learn.  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and will
        be dealt with according to school policy.
    7.  You will be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings, or you will be
        counted tardy or assigned alternative assignment.
    8.  You will turn in all work on the date it is due.  If you are absent, you are
        responsible for finding out what you missed, and makeup work should be
        turned in as soon as possible.  The district policy regarding makeup work
        will be followed.
    9. You and/or your family may contact me as follows:
    10.  Each student will be required to dress out properly each day, and keep track of there own belongings