Classroom Rules and Expectations

  • The Rules for Mrs. Bagley's Class:

    1. Be prompt!  A student's stuff in their desk is not the same as that student being on time to class.  If they are not in the classroom when the bell rings, they will be considered tardy.
    2. Be prepared!  Students will need their journal, a pencil and paper every day.  They should also have their homework assignment and a red pen ready to go when the bell rings.
    3. Be polite!  Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated in this classroom.
    4. Students may not eat in the classroom.  If food is brought into this class, students will be instructed to throw it away.
    5. Phones should be off and out of sight unless otherwise instructed. 



    Homework will be turned in at the beginning of class each day.  In both 8th grade Math and Algebra students should expect to have homework frequently as it is necessary to practice the skills that students are expected to master.

    District late work policy dictates that students will be able to turn late work in up to five (5) days late with points deducted from their score as follows:
    1 day late              10 points
    2 days late             20 points
    3 days late             30 points