School Supplies

  • This year, the core teachers posted a list of needed supplies on the Dobie website.  Because there are no shared supplies, the supplies on the list are for use in all rooms.  Students will carry a pouch or back to hold their pencils, scissors, glue, etc.  Teachers will inform students about which classes use composition books/spirals.  


    SUPPLY LIST FOR: 8th Grade Math and Algebra I

    It is a good idea to purchase extra school supplies and stock up now for next semester (while there are sales).


    *notebook paper

    *composition book/spiral for notes

    *colored pencils

    *glue sticks

    *red pen



    *Algebra only---graph paper is available to print under "documents" in Algebra I or you can purchase a small pack of graph paper.


    These supplies need to be brought to class DAILY

    Both the Math and Algebra classes use the TI-Nspire calculators.  Students will be assigned a calculator for use in the classroom.  



    Optional (and very appreciated)


    Hand sanitizer

    Disinfecting wipes