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    20-21 School Year Supplies

    **Basic: Items will be used in Remote Learning (1st 3 weeks)

    1 pk Pencil #2

    2 Erasers

    1 Colored Pencils (anything but RoseArt or HEB brand)

    1 Hand held sharpener

    1 Sketchbook: You can use 1 of the following (measured at least 9.5 in. x 7.5 in or larger)

                             drawing sketchbook--blank paper (avoid drawing pad, papers fall out)

                             spiral--lined paper

                             composition book (lined or graph)

    2 Sharpies (black fine, or black pens) 

    2 Glue Stick

    1 Scissors

    1 Ruler

    **most of these will be used in Core classes as well 

    Ideal: Items to be used during Fall Semester

    1 pk Pencils

    2 Erasers (vinyl or kneaded)

    1 Colored pencils (high quality: scholar or prisma, anything but HEB & RoseArt)

    2 Hand held sharpeners (1 for drawing pencils, 1 for colored pencils) 

    1 Sketchbook (blank sheets, spiral or bounded: drawing paper or mixed media) 

    2 of each Sharpies (black--ultra fine, fine & chizel tip) 

    1 watercolor set (prang or good quality)

    2 Glue Sticks (good quality adhesive) 

    1 Scissors (sharp)

    1 Ruler (clear/see through)

    **basic supplies will be used in Core classes.

    Best practice for a healthy school year is NOT to share your supplies with others. Keep all your personal supplies in your own pouch or box, labled with  your name. 




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