Classroom Rules and Expectations

  • Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    More than anything else, respect of self, others, and school comes first and foremost. All others will fall into place. 



    L- Listen to Instructions

    E- Enter and Exit Prepared to Learn

    A- Always Try YOUR Best 

    R-Respect yourself and others 



    When you come into the room, get your composition notebook from the bin and be seated. Prepare to start learning. 

    Classwork will be turned into the blue boxes that have your assigned period on them. 

    Homework will be placed on your desk and individually picked up by the teacher. I will always check to see who has it. 

    Group work will have specific procedures for each group assignment. 



    - Students are expected to be in their seats, with their composition notebook and pencil or pen working on their warm-up by the time the tardy bell rings. 

    - Students are expected to be willing to participate in discussions and group work. Me talking the whole time would get boring! 

    - Students are expected to put in effort in order to gain learning!

    Be ready and willing to learn and work everyday! We are here to learn, so act like it!