Journalism II (Yearbook)

    Hello, Dobie Journalism II (Yearbook) students!
    I am so excited about this year's yearbook class and I hope you are too. There is a lot of work that goes into producing our yearbook, but there are so many lessons and skills to be learned and practiced as we create a yearbook that students and their families will cherish now and in the future. 

    Daily attendance - During remote learning/@ Home learning, students should submit the daily attendance form in Google Classroom to ensure that they will be counted present.

    They can also be counted present for submitting their assignments (click turn in or submit) for the day on Google Classroom or getting on Zoom. 


    Late or Missing work -  Late assignments/submissions take time to grade and input. Students should send a private message in the assignment and submit/resubmit. Every submission and message is dated, so the grade will reflect the date that it was submitted. Please don't expect instant changes to late grades. 


    Contacting Mrs. PJ - Email or Remind (code list is in class resources on Google Classroom) is best if you need to hear back within 24 hours. 


    Questions about grades - Before you send a message about a question regarding a grade on a specific assignment, the students should go to the assignment, click on "View Assignment" and look for a private message. 


    Zoom tutorials/check-ins - Please see Google Classroom for Zoom schedule for check-ins and tutorials and links.

    Google Classroom - To join your Google Classroom class, you will need to accept the invite on Google Classroom. I will invite you as soon as the counselor adds you to my roster.


    Mrs. Nancy Preyor-Johnson 

    Journalism & Yearbook Teacher | Dobie Junior High School

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