• It is very important to the quality of our students' artwork that they have ALL supplies necessary for class on a regular basis.


    SUPPLY LIST:          

    • #2 Pencils 1 pack per semester (NOT mechanical)                                                                                                       
    • 12 pack Colored pencils (anything BUT RoseArt or HEB)
    • 2 pack erasers 
    • Hand held sharpener 
    • 2 Black Sharpies
    • 1 Scissors
    • 1 Ruler                                       
    • 1 Compotition Book or Spiral Sketchbook (spiral sketchbook will last longer)
      (This list the minimum-you can always bring more/different materials in)                                       
    We are trying to stay healthy, best way is for everyone to have their own supplies! Please LABEL all supplies and your pencil box or baggie.
    Class Codes for Google Classroom will posted here as soon as they are avaliable:
    1st Period
    2nd Period 
    3rd Period
    5th Period
    6th Period
    7th Period 


    • newspapers                             
    • magazines
    • plastic bags
    • unused items in a junk drawer (nick nacks)
    • fabrics/yarns   
    • pencils
    • gluesticks