• smART expectations:

    Critique Kindly--nobody is perfect

    Respect self, others, & supplies

    Expect more

    Act like a good person

    Think for yourself--NO copycats

    Evaluate the situation--make smART choices!!


    8th Gr. High School Credit

    **Please note that 8th graders ART I Survey is a HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT COURSE!**

    Art I Survey is a full year course. Students will earn 1 Fine Arts Credit (necessary for graduation) upon completing this course. Therefore, student expectations & product will be set as same standards as our high school students in Art I at both Steele & Clemens HS.

    Students will explore mediums such as: 2-D (pencil, charcoal, pastels, paint, electronic media) & 3-D (sculpture, weaving & fiber art). All artwork will be created during class time.


    FOUNDATIONS-develop & expand visual awareness

    CREATIVE EXPRESSION-challenge imagination, thinking & problem solving skills using a variety of media

    HISTORICAL & CULTURAL RELEVANCE-historical & cultural awareness & respect for diversity

    EVALUATION & RESPONSE-respond & analyze artwork of self & others


    email me: ruecker@scuc.txed.net