General Information

  • You can learn anything!

    Here are a few basic things to know about Language Arts, Mrs. Wetz, and room B 125.

    Room B 125:

    • The nearest restroom is in the cafeteria.  
    • Yes, the lights are blue. There are quite a few studies that show that this kind of filter helps people with some forms of epilepsy and visual and light sensitivities. It may also calm down behaviors that may interfere with learning.

    Mrs. Wetz:
    • This year my twenty-first year of teaching. I taught high school (freshman through senior English) for three years and have taught (mostly) seventh grade at Dobie for seventeen years.  
    • I live in New Braunfels. I was born in El Paso, but I've also lived in Issaquah, Washington, and Clear Lake, Texas. 
    • I'm married, and Mr. Wetz teaches seventh grade Social Studies at Dobie.
    • I have two daughters: Maia, who is in 8th grade here; and Miriam, who is in first grade at Green Valley
    • I have three dogs: Roscoe, Hazel, and Ranger.

    Language Arts:
    • I love reading and writing and talking about reading and writing. 
    • Just like sports, in order to get better at reading and writing, you need to be reading and writing.  Every single day. 
    • Your homework is to be reading daily, about 20 minutes a day.  Every single day.