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    Monday 7:45-8:02

    Friday 7:45-8:02

    I will be on duty in the cafeteria before school on Wednesday and Thursday. 

    Late work grading: Late work is not an immediate priority for grading. When a student turns in work late, it typically goes to the bottom of the grading stack. That means that it may take a week (more or less, depending on other assignments being collected) for late work to show up in gradespeed. The best way to make sure that gradespeed is a true and accurate reflection of student work is for the student to make sure that work is turned in on time WITH a name on it. 
    Just a thought: 
    If I collect 2 assignments per week and spend only 2 minutes on each individual paper, I will spend over 11 hours just grading papers per week. Most of that time will come in the evenings after my children are in bed and on the weekends. Please understand that I will do my best to return papers with meaningful feedback as soon as possible, but it helps me tremendously when students turn in work that is completed, on time, and with their names on it!



    SCUC ISD Grading Guidelines