Late Work Policy




    Late Work

    1.   Late work is defined as any assignment that is not submitted on the due date and class period with the exception of make-up work for absences or approved school activities. Alternative assignments may be given if the original assignment has been assessed and returned.

    2.   10 points/day, not to exceed 30 points, will be deducted from the grade earned for late assignments.

    3.   Late assignments will be accepted within 3 school days.

    4.   Extenuating circumstances may occur that prevent the completion and turning in of assignments on the due date. It is the parent/guardian and/or student’s responsibility to inform the teacher of any such circumstances so that an exception to the rule may or may not be granted. The teacher may grant exceptions based on these circumstances.


    Absent work will not be penalized but work due the day of absence, is due upon return to class.  Any missing work that was assigned when the student was out of class, will be due three school days after returning to class.