• Greg Gibson, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools
    January 2010 – Present

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    Dr. Greg Gibson


    SCUC ISD Staff and Stakeholders, 

    A new school year is upon us, and for the first time in four years, it coincides with a new Strategic Plan. Some of the changes are subtle. Yet others are a clear indication SCUC ISD is charting a new course to continue to adapt to the educational landscape. 

    Our previous Vision statement read, “Prepare EVERY student to be a productive citizen”. We have internalized that to the extent that it’s now just a given as one of our goals. Continuing forward, our focus is, Inspire-Innovate-EXCEL! Every employee at SCUC, whether it be a teacher, principal, or support staff, understand that we must contribute in some way to help us accomplish this Vision for every student.

     Our new Mission merges seamlessly with our updated Priority 1, where we set out an ambitious goal of having: All Graduates will be College and/or Career and/or Military Ready. This is no small task, because we currently have a 97% graduation rate.

     For the first time, we’ve incorporated a Motto that speaks to the enthusiasm and fervor we continue to bring every day: SCUC – A District with Passion and Purpose! Our Motto really speaks to our intent to be strategic and purposeful, yet at the same time, we know that, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Without passion, our strategy won’t go far. 

    As always, we will seek community input and feedback to integrate these goals. We will explore every avenue of communication to help our community residents make informed decisions. And, as noted in several goals, these actions will stay within the existing budget. 

    In addition to the new Strategic Plan, the board has adopted the following Areas of Focus for me in 2018-2019: 

    1. Work with District Staff to ensure effective and appropriate follow-up to curriculum audit finding, within current budget parameters.
    2. Ensure SPED, 504, At-Risk services are fully operational, aligned and highly functional as the District increases in percentage of students with these needs, within current budget parameters.
    3. Continue to explore cost effective ways to increase staff benefits, within current budget parameters.
    4. Successful deployment and meaningful management of 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, within current budget parameters.
    5. Receive Texas Award for Performance Excellence Designation, within current budget parameters.
    6. Work with District staff and Community Advisory Committee to make final preparations for 2020 Bond, within current budget parameters.
    7. Continue to develop and formalize more robust Career and Technical Education Program (CTE) Program, within current budget parameters and with no major expansion.
    8. Enhance school safety protocols – including, but not limited to, matters related to bullying, within current budget parameters.
    9. Deploy Community satisfaction survey as part of new Strategic Plan.
    10. Establish annual “State of the District” with all officials within SCUC boundaries.
    11. Deploy Nine Principles of Leadership (Profile of a Leader) with assistance of Executive Coach.
    12. 100% of All Graduates will be College and/or Career and/or Military Ready, within current budget parameters.
    13. Enhance existing Good Governance model and ensure State-Wide Recognition Performance levels, within current budget parameters. 

    Thank you for being part of our Passion and Purpose! See you around the district.

     Dr. G 


    Links:  2018-2022 Strategic Plan 

           2014-2018 Strategic Plan    



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Dr. Greg Gibson

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