Classroom Expectations

  • Class Policies

    Rules and expectations are essential in creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and student growth.

    Class Expectations

    I expect that students follow the six pillars of good character:

    Respect:Treat your peers, your teachers, and yourself with respect. Disrespect is not tolerated in any form.

    Fairness: View ideas and opinions with an open mind.

    Trustworthiness: Be honest.

    Caring: Be kind.

    Responsibility: Do what is asked of you without repeated prompting.

    Citizenship: Do what's right for your school or class community.

    Class Rules

    1. Be prompt.

    2. Be prepared.

    3. Be polite.



    1st infraction:  Warning and parent contacted

    2nd infraction: Teacher detention assigned and parent contacted

    3rd infraction:  Referral to an administrator

    *Please keep in mind that if the offense is one that causes a major disruption in class, or impedes the safety of the teacher or students, there will be an immediate referral to the office.