Get to Know Your Band Director

  • Hello Current and Future Cougar Band Members and Parents.  My Name is Russell Barbee and I am the assistant band director here at Dobie Junior High. 

    I am a graduate of Randolph High School and Texas Tech University where I studied Saxophone and Music Education.  After Graduation my first position was with San Antonio ISD where I taught 6-8th grade band at Whittier Middle School.  After three years I moved to Schlather Intermediate in SCUCISD.  I taught two years of 5-6th grade band before moving up to Dobie.  I currently play my saxophone in the Heart of Texas Concert Band, a local organization that provides free concerts for the public.  I have an immense interest in technology and I like to include elements of musical technology in my lessons as much as possible.  My passion for teaching includes not only music, but the conveyance of new ideas (though I do love teaching music).  One of my favorite hobbies is learning new instruments and you might find that I try to play something new every year.   

    Learning Music is like learning another language.  There are billions of people who can sit down and listen to music, and enjoy what they’re hearing.  Only a small percentage of people can actually breakdown the code that is music and truly appreciate every nuance and idea being expressed by the musicians.  I believe that everybody deserves an education in music.  Though it is not an easy undertaking, it is truly the greatest of the arts and worth the time and dedication to master.  Music education is an experience to which all students, young and old, should be exposed.  Music represents a significant part of every world culture.  Music improves mental capacity and methods of communication.  In short, Music Makes You Smarter, and everyone deserves a chance to learn.

    The Dobie Cougar Band is an integral part of the music education system here in Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD.  Students who study music here have the opportunity to continue their education all the way through their senior year in high school, and even further into college, and perhaps into a lifelong appreciation for music.  Here they learn the first and certainly the most important concepts to participating in a musical organization, band or otherwise.  It is my goal to produce the best musicians possible as a way to increase our standard of music education from the ground up.  Students who receive a fulfilling education here, who receive the tools to build their musical understanding, can continue to build and grow wherever life may take them.