PE Attire


    For your child's safety, no open toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, crocs, backless footwear, boots, or shoes with heels are to be worn to PE (  Any child wearing these types of shoes will be assigned modified and often limited PE activity.  Rubber soled shoes that cover the entire foot such as running shoes, basketball shoes, cross trainers, and other tennis shoes that provide maximum support for lateral and linear movements that are demanded during activities and sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, tag games, etc.  Again, we are most concerned with student safety.


    On special days, such as picture day, please send appropriate shoes to school with your child.  Your child will be given time to change into the proper shoes before coming to PE.  Shoes and clothing should not become a distraction during physical activity.


    We also ask girls wearing dresses to bring shorts to change into or wear under their outfits.  Please ensure that boys wear belts if their pants do not fit properly.