Class Expectations

    There are four guidelines all students are expected to follow:

    1. Respect Others.
    2. Respect Yourself.
    3. Respect The Equipment. 
    4. Respect The Gym.

    Remember this one simple key:
    Don't do anything that might cause a problem for yourself or someone else!


    Response to Positive Behavior: 

    1. Positive parent contact via email or phone.

    2. Stamps or stickers.

    3. Treasure Box.

    4. Assistant coach or leader for the day.


      Discipline for corrected behavior: 

    1. Students will sign our Google Docs Form on the iPad to document the incident.

    2. Possible student will need to sit out from the activity depending on safety of others and themselves.  

    3. Parent contact if deemed necessary based on severity of incident.