Class Supply List

  • Mr. Wetz's 7th Grade School supply list


    Due Monday, August 26th

    •Composition Notebook  (wide ruled preferably)

    • Single subject folder with brads and pockets (plastic folders last longer) 

    •  One pack of wide-ruled notebook paper (150 sheets)

    • Black or blue pens, #2 pencils (mechanical preferably), and one red pen and one yellow highlighter

    • 1 pack of 300 count note cards (Due to uncertainty caused by Covid, you can hold off on these for now)

    • Personal use (small) pair of  blunt or rounded scissors (optional) 

    • Single hole punch for personal use necessary for extra credit assignments

    • One eraser 

    • Colored pencils (6 count is fine)

    • A zipper pouch to hold supplies in -- This will prevent you from losing your supplies

    *Individual use Kleenex tissue and individual hand sanitizer is optional

    ** I strongly encourage the use of mechanical pencils

    ** Look at your other supply lists. Pens, scissors, sharpener, eraser, and colored pencils are likely already on your list. Unless you must keep them in another classroom, you can use those items in my class. I know how much supplies can cost. I do not want to unnecessarily cause your parents to spend more money. {You may still have some of these items left over from last year, if they are still in good working order, mark them off of your shopping list and bring them}.


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