Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do fitness testing?


    Students should learn to self-assess their fitness levels and interpret the results. This will help them learn about fitness concepts, plan and set goals for fitness and serve as a motivational tool to remain active on their own.


    How will I know if my child is fit?


    Each student will receive a computerized printout of their test results. These results will be used as a learning tool for physical fitness.  The results will go out at the end of the year with your child's final report card.

    If my child fails the fitness test, does this affect his/her PE grade?


    No. Fitness testing is only a tool that measures a student's physical fitness level. If a student fails the fitness test it will not affect their PE grade.  Students are told to try their best and give their best effort during fitness testing. Their PE grade is determined on how well they tried and not if they failed or passed the test. Students are told ahead of time that if they fail the fitness test, it will not affect their grade in class.


    How many times will my student take the test?


    At Cibolo Valley we introduce the test to our 2nd graders, however; they will not be scored.   For our 3rd and 4th graders we do a practice test at the beginning of the year.  The results will be recorded but not scored.  We do this so that students know what the test will be like prior to doing the real thing.  Official testing will most likely be completed in the month of April.  Students in 3rd through 12th grade will see the test at least once every year.