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    The Intermediate years are a time when students begin to develop their academic self-concept and their feelings of competence and confidence as learners. They are beginning to develop decision-making, communication and life skills, as well as character values. It is also a time when students develop and acquire attitudes toward school self, peers, social groups and family. Comprehensive developmental school counseling programs provide education, prevention and intervention services, which are integrated into all aspects of children’s lives. Early identification and intervention of children’s academic and personal/social needs is essential in removing barriers to learning and in promoting academic achievement. The knowledge, attitudes and skills that students acquire in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development during these elementary years serve as the foundation for future success.


    The Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling Program includes Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, Responsive Services, and System Support. A team approach is used with the school staff, parents and the community to create a caring climate and atmosphere.


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    COVID 19 Response:  The JORDAN Counseling Program will be facilitated through Google Classroom. Consequently, I will be sending things out via Google Classroom. To gain access you will need to use your students school google email account, and the following CODES:



    -- JORDAN 6th Grade Counseling:  Google Classroom Code --  mcd3sfn


    -- JORDAN 5th Grade Counseling:  Google Classroom Code -- tmugyus




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    You can call me at 210-619-4257.



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