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    Welcome New and Returning Orchestra students to the 2018-School Year 

    Start bringing your instruments when you can, so I can start working on them

    *Also please label the instrument cases, books, and accessories.

    *Please try to have an instrument and items before September 3


    SCUCISD Intermediate School Orchestra Supply List 2018-2019


    1)Instrument= The instrument should come with a case and a bow for violin, viola, cello, or String Bass. Your child can start out with a beginner model instrument. Your child will grow out of the instrument in a couple of years and need to be refitted. The student will be sized for the instrument when they go to the suggested music stores. The instruments are measured 1/8, ¼, ½, ¾, and 4/4.

       (Suggested Music stores that offer a rental program or to purchase.)

       *Music and Arts, 8206 Agora Pkwy #110, Live Oak, Texas, TX 78154 (210)566-1920

       *Terra Nova Violins 6983 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216 (210)349-4700

       *Alamo City Strings, 12255 West Ave. San Antonio TX 7826 (210) 341-0500

       *Antonio Strad Violin, 10288 San Pedro Ave., TX (210)349-9788

    2) Shoulder Rest is required for violins and violas.

              We highly recommned Everest Brand for most students. They do not fit everyone so we may suggest another alternate brand. (Save your receipt incase this happens)


    3) Rock Stop is required for cellos and basses

          (There is not a recommended brand for the Rock Stop)


    4)Soft Cloth for cleaning the rosin off the instrument


    5) Extra set of strings for violin and viola only


    6) Measures of Success for String Orchestra Book 1 for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass


          7) Black one inch binder


           8) dividers


           9) Rosin (basses need to purchase bass rosin)


          10)  Pencils


          11) pencil pouch


          12) erasers


          13) white index cards


          14) small metronome to practice with


    ***Please label everything with your child’s name on it. *****


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    Mrs. Melissa Barrera                                         

    Jordan & Schalther Intermediate