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    Ms. Henry's Science Class 

    •  Google Classroom Information- I have invited all of my students to their science google classroom. Tehy just ned to click on "join" to be in the class.

    • Zoom Meetings- Once you are in your science google classroom, I will have posted your science class zoom meeting time. It will be a 30 minute slot time of your class period. In google classroom click on "classwork", then it will be under the "resources" tab.

    • Remind 101 sign up- Each class will have its seperate remind 101 sign up. I will post the code that you text to a number on the opening "stream" page of your science google classroom.


      If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me.

      Email:  shenry@scuc.txed.net 


  • Greetings! I am excited to start my 17th year teaching science! I was here at Schlather when we opened up this campus and it has been a world of adventure. This year will be unique to say the least but we will do what's best for kids in this new learning environment!

  • Stephanie Henry

    Email: shenry@scuc.txed.net

    Phone: 210-619-5883

    6th Grade Science On-Level/Honors