Mrs. Soria-6th grade Language Arts

  • Remote Learning: Students will need to sign onto my Google Classroom.  If they log into Classlink and click on the Google Classroom icon, they will be able to join.  Students will get a Google Classroom invitation from me.  



    Remind Messaging: Please join my Remind messaging notifications.  This is the fastest way to communicate with me.  I will send weekly updates through this app as well.  

    1st period: Text @d7h2a9 to 81010

    2nd period: Text @7g99c7 to 81010

    3rd period: Text @3d4768 to 81010



    Zoom Schedule:

    Zoom sessions will be provided at the following times.  See the Google Classroom for the Zoom link.  Contact Mrs. Soria or Mrs. Davis if you have a question.

    1st Period: 9:00

    2nd Period: 10:00

    3rd Period: 12:00

    Contact information:

    Google Voice Number (call or text): 769-227-1109


    School phone: 210-619-4200

    *Please continue to read emails and monitor the District webpage for continued updates.  Please let me know if there is anything you need.   

    Class Schedule for Mrs. Soria


    7:40                    Morning Announcements

    7:40-7:55            Advisory

    8:00-9:30            1st period HonorLanguage Arts

    9:34-11:04          2nd period Language Arts

    11:12-11:42        Lunch (A)

    11:46-1:16          3rd period Language Arts

    1:20-2:50            4th period PLC/Conference            

    2:55                    Dismissal for Yellow Wing Bus Riders

    2:55                    Dismissal for Bike Riders

    3:00                    Dismissal for Green Wing Bus Riders

    3:05                    Dismissal for Walkers/YMCA/Car Riders




                       Classroom Expectations:


    Be Safe

                * Listen and follow directions

                * Keep feet and hands to yourself

                * Be considerate of others

    Be Respectful

               * Take care of classroom supplies

                * Listen to others when they are speaking

                * Follow classroom rules set by teacher

    Be Responsible

                * Write in your planner

                * Planner parent signature required

                * Always do your work

                * Try your BEST

    Be Kind

                 * Say positive things to others

                 * Think of how your words or actions make others feel


    Summer Enrichment Activities:


    Our district has created some simple documents for families to access over the summer for enrichment. They can be found on the district website. Here is the link:


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