Military Student Transition Consultant (MSTC)

  • How can your Military Student Transition Consultant (MSTC) help?            
    • Provide one-on-one support for all new Military-Connected Students 
    • Support the social-emotional needs of incoming or referred Military-Connected students and coordinate services as needed with parents, school counselors, teachers, and/or administrators
    • Track discipline, attendance, and grade reports 
    • Seek out community and military resources for students, families, and staff
    • Offer transition (entry and exit), deployment, reintegration, & wounded parent support groups
    • Develop other small group opportunities per school needs
    • Support school and community events
    • Support JS2S and S2S programs
    • Provide professional development opportunities 
    Ronnie Williamson       
    Office#: 210-619-4121
    Dobie: Mon. & Thur. 8am-4pm     
    Steele: Tues. & Fri. 8am-4pm        Room#G218
    MDLC: Wed. 8am-4pm