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    Explaining the PTC:

    What is a PTC?

    A PTC is a Parent Teacher Club, similar to a PTA or PTO, but there are no dues or required volunteer hours: you are already a PTC member just by supporting your child.  Each PTC is independent and responds to the needs of its own campus; additionally, every penny earned at our fundraisers stay here at our school.

    What does the PTC do?

    The PTC supports the faculty, staff, students, and parents of the Dobie Jr. High with volunteers, events, and fundraising. The funds raised provide school enhancements outside the normal budgetary allowances. The volunteers arrange and facilitate functions for the teachers, staff, students, and parents of the school.

    When are PTC Meetings?
    PTC meetings are held quarterly and will be advertised on our website and the school's outdoor marquee. Additionally, an email will be sent to members and parents who have registered their email address with the PTC.
    How do I find out what's going on with PTC?
    Please refer to our website (newsletter below), the marquee, and email notifications.
    How can I get involved?
    Please send us an email: If you choose to volunteer with the PTC, you will need to complete a criminal history background check. Please visit the following Parent Volunteer webpage for the Parent Volunteer Application (the form says it's for employment: SCUC processes volunteer applications through this system as well).
    Volunteer Opportunities:
    Please email the PTC at:


    Special Events

    Making Copies:


    On Fridays, the PTC is helping teachers by making copies in the teacher workroom: if you can volunteer an hour or two, your service will be greatly appreciated by the Dobie staff!








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