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    During the school year I will be starting with immunization compliance.  All immunizations must be current in order for students to attend school.  I will also be organizing any medications that your student may need during the school day.  Please remember that  all medications that are to be kept in my office for over 5 days will require a long term medication form that includes the parent signature and a physicians signature- there will be no exceptions!  Any medication that is short term will require a form with parent signature. I can not administer any medications without the approved documentation, no verbal requests please! If your child will self carry an inhaler I need to keep an extra in my office.

    I will be conducting Hearing Vision and An screenings during the Fall Semester on all 7th graders and new 8th graders 

    It is important that your child attends school on a regular basis.  If your child is running a temp over 100.1 degrees, is vomiting or has diarrhea please keep them home.  If your child develops a temp or symptoms of illness I will call you to pick him/her up.  If you want to be called for any other reason please send me a note with your instructions.  

    My direct line is 210-619-4107 and my e-mail is