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    Welcome to the multi-disciplined course titled Career investigations. While many activities are new to you, many others remain the same.  You will be working on your own and in groups, both can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. You'll not only design, plan and build your own project, as well as a group house framing project,  and will have the added pride of accomplishing them using the skills you've learned to date.  Remember, most lab supplies are provided, however, specialty items are your responsibility. I hope you find this phase of class to be fulfilling and a place where you can use your creativity,while exposing you to different careers in this area.   Enjoy!

    Class Schedule: 1st,2nd,3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th periods Career Investigation classes, B-Lunch, 5thnd period Conference,  ( tutoring available upon request).
    Grading Policy:  Projects/Research Papers/Tests (summative) 50%, Individual working grades, quizzes, in class bookwork ( formative) 50%.  No Homework!!
    Assignments/Pacing:  This is an individually paced course, home work is not assigned, all work is accomplished during class time.
    Supplies required:  A spiral or composition type note book, and pencils (Used as a reference document during all exams, with the exception of the safety exam.)
    Classroom Expectations
    • active listening in all school situations
    • contribution of ideas and thoughts
    • raising of hand to offer input
    • cooperation with all classmates

    • show SPARK! You are in charge of your success.
    • friendliness and respect for others
    • put forth a BEST effort
    • respect yourself, others, and property
    No student has the right to interfere or disrupt the learning situation of anyone else.