Mr. Patel

  • Cougar Camp Presentation

    Welcome! I hope you will find the information useful!

    Email me at

    If you would like to speak by phone, please send me an email and we can set up a time to talk.

    Tutoring schedule - Mon To Fri - 10:30 AM AND 2:30 PM

    Zoom link -

    Google Classroom info. - (REMOTE LEARNING)

    As of March 25th all assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. All "Coding & Robotics" students are already members of the their classroom.

    Coding and Robotics - 

    Period 1 - wfdv7gp (Coding & Robotics)

    Period 3 - wl4o643 (Coding & Robotics)

    Tech Apps & Keyboarding students will need to join using the following codes:

    Period 2 - ewvnwdt (Tech Apps - Students MUST join this class)

    Period 5 - 3s73zyq (Tech Apps - Students MUST join this class)

    Period 6 - 3yzonfp (Keyboarding - Students MUST join this class)

    Period 7 - sz242ry (Tech Apps - Students MUST join this class)

    My name is Shub Patel and this is my 11th year teaching at Dobie Jr. High. This year I am teaching Coding, Robotics, STEM, Keyboarding & Technology Applications.

    I have a bachelors degree in Information Systems Technology with minor in Computer Science from University of Houston. Before teaching, I worked as a Systems Consultant for a major financial institution.

    My Schedule - 
    1st     (8:10-8:58)     - Coding & Robotics
    2nd    (9:03-9:51)     - STEM Exploration/Technology Applications
    3rd     (9:56-10:44    - Coding & Robotics
    4th     (10:49-11:37) - Conference
    5th     (11:42-12:30) - Keyboarding/Technology Applications
    6th     (12:35-1:23)   - STEM Exploration/Keyboarding
    Lunch (1:23-1:53)
    CT      (1:58-2:28)     - Cougar Time
    7th     (2:33-3:20)     - Keyboarding/Technology Applications

    Tutoring Schedule -
    Tuesday & Thursday – 7:45 AM to 8:02 AM (hall-pass required)
    Tuesday & Wednesday – 3:20 PM to 3:45 PM (hall-pass required)

    Daily agendas for Coding, Robotics and STEM are posted on Google Classroom

    School Supply List - 
    1. Notebook paper
    2. Pen or a pencil
    3. Headphones (not mandatory)

    Links - 
    Grading Guidelines - English 

    Grading Guidelines - Spanish