Mrs. Altamirano's Science Class

  • *SUPPLIES: 1 composition notebook, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, notebook paper, red & black or blue pen, pencil.  (donate if possible 1-4 rolls of transparent tape).

    GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Students must login to google classroom by the end of the first week of school.  This app works across all applications (desktop, mac, Android, iOS).  Many assignments will be done through this app.  BEFORE logging in for the first time please download the following onto the device that will be used:  GOOGLE DRIVE, GOOGLE CLASSROOM & GOOGLE DOCS.   To login to Google Classroom use the following formula:   Lastname, first 2 letters of child’s first name, last 3 #’s of student

    Password: First 2 letters of child’s first name, entire student i.d.# include the 0.

     Ex:  altamiranore345@scuc.txed.netPassword: re012345

    Once logged in, use your class code to join:

    Class codes for Google Classroom:

    1st period - x3shjg6     2nd period - fs7ysy      4th period - adjlbm


    5th period - ewe8dm5   7th period - esgv7w    8th period - cu8uiq



     Students wrote down a step by step (click by click) list of how to open, type and submit a document in Google Classroom.  We did this by logging in as a student on the smartboard and then proceeded with the assignment.  Every time we made a click we wrote it down.  If your student has lost it, please click on MY CALENDAR to the left, look at 08/30/17 date and you will be able to click on a copy of what we wrote down.  Thank you.




    How to do Academic Vocabulary

     Vocabulary is done in two parts.  1. Define in your own words.  2. Draw or attach a picture that represents the term.

      Students may or may not be able to find their vocabulary definitions in the  their book.  If they can not locate it their book then is ok just make sure that they write the "science" definition...i.e. LIMITING FACTOR..the 1st definition has to do with limiting steps in a process or the slowest..the 2nd definition is the one we are looking for since we are studying interedepence of living organisms and it states..."an environmental factor that tends to limit population size"


    Vocabulary Quizzes are every THURSDAY.



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