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  • Welcome to Mrs. Swanson's Language Arts Class!

    My schedule

    1st period    8th Grade LA
    2nd period    (9:03-9:51) Conference
    3rd period    8th Grade Honors LA
    4th period      8th Grade LA
    5th period    8th Grade Honors LA
    6th period    8th Grade LA
    7th period     8th Grade Honors

    Tutoring is available after school Wednesdays and before school by appointment.

    Our Team of Teachers:

    Mrs. Hecox
    Ms. Pickens
    Mr. Viera

    I'm Mrs. Swanson.  I've taught 7th and 8th grade ELA for 20 years now.  I love to read, so if you've got a book suggestion, hit me up at jswanson@scuc.txed.net