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  • Coach Wallrich 7th Grade Science
     During this time all assignments will be posted on the Google Classroom according to the class period that your child has me. Many students should already be enrolled into my google classroom, but if not here are the codes:
    Google Classroom Codes
    Second Period: yq7skl7
    Third Period: ckucxsc
    Fourth Period: 2ze6z34
    Fifth Period: oqz7bst
    Sixth Period: 56rnwzn
    Next week's assignments will be posted on Wednesday March 25th this is the only week where assignments will be posted on a Wednesday.
    Assignments will be posted on the Monday of every week following and will be due by Sunday of the same week(This process will start the week of March 30th). This is how the process will work for the foreseeable future. 
    Primary way to contact me during this situation will be through email:
    My tutoring times will be every school day, two 30 minute sessions. 
     The first session will start at 8:00 a.m. and the second session will begin at 12:00 p.m. . The information on how to join the tutoring sessions is located in the google classroom.