Campus Athletics

  • Welcome to Corbett Athletics!  

    The sports we offer at Corbett are:



    Cross Country






    Athletic Course Needs to Know:

    1. Girls and boys' athletic courses are required to wear the athletic uniform everyday (no exceptions). These are the athletics shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes.You can find the uniforms online for purchase on
    2. Jewelry is not allowed during the athletic course.  Please wait to pierce your ears over the summer.
    3. You must have a physical on file to be in athletics.
    4. Athletes must follow the school and district code of conduct to stay in athletics.
    5. Athletes are held to a higher standard.

    If you need information about a specific sport, please click on that sport located in the left menu section.


    SCUCISD has gone to on-line ticketing (Ticket Spicket) for all sporting events located within the SCUC district sites.  SCUC does not accept cash at the gate.  Please understand that other districts may require cash and will not be using online ticketing.  Please use the following link for information on Ticket Spicket.


    Please click on the link for the 2023-2024 physical forms ( Medical History & Physical Form.)  

    2023-2024 Physical Forms

    Please understand every student that tries out for a sports team must have a current physical and medical history form on file in order to attend tryouts or practices. Please click on the following links to get access to these forms.  You must also set up and log into Rank One in order to review the UIL rules and regulations.  Every player and parent is required by the UIL to electronically sign the acknowledgment of rules section.  Instructions on how to do this are found below.


    Stampede Camp and all sports specific camps will be held at Samuel Clemens High School this summer.  Please click on the following link to find out more information about Stampede and summer sports camps.


    Mark your Calendar - Athletic Day: (Equipment and locker hand out)  August 12th   8th grade - 8am to 10am  7th grade - 10:30am-12pm. (Please bring any physical paperwork to turn in. Computers will be available to complete online paperwork through rank one)