GO Mustangs




    Welcome to Coach White's P.E. Class



    During remote instruction, please find your class and use the code to log into Google Classroom for your daily activities.

    Physical Education Classes

    1st Period PE:  gzlnmrw

    3rd Period PE: zv3mp65

    5th Period PE:  sd4yfeh

    6th Period PE:  gcql3be


    Athletics Classes

    7th Grade Athletics:  cijkxze

    8th Grade Athletics:  mx44biq 




     Students will learn a variety of exercises, sports, and games to improve their overall fitness levels.  They will also learn about the importance of setting exercise goals to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    PE Mission:  Our mission in PE is to inspire and instruct students to stay fit, to challenge themselves to meet goals, and to begin a lifelong commitment to health and good fitness habits.

    Below is my current schedule :

    1st Period:   8:05-9:05    P.E.

    2nd Period:  9:09-9:57    7th Grade Football

    3rd Period:  10:01-10:49  P.E.

    4th Period:  10:53-12:42 Lunch Duty/Conference/Lunch

    5th Period:  12:46-1:34   P.E.

    6th Period:  1:38-2:26    P.E.

    7th Period:  2:30-3:20   8th Grade Football





    • running shoes
    • Corbett T-Shirt
    • Corbett shorts
    • combination lock--NOT a key lock!!!  All students are required to have a lock on their locker.
    • towel, soap, deodorant, etc.